Push Pull Switch Wiring Diagram of Ford GPW

Ford GPW was used during World War period as war vehicle and produced by Ford during 1940-1943. This car was equipped with 4 cylinders, side valves, 134 cu.in, (2.2 L) and able to produce 60 hp on its application. Ford GPW was integrated with optional 3-speed+ reverse T-84 transmission and 2-speed model 18 transfer case with 1 throat carburetor induction system. This car was designed with hinged passenger front seat and steel seats to meet the war time requirements of durable car performance. Here is the wiring diagram of Ford GPW push pull switch that consists of voltage regulator, generator, starter, filter box, firing order, ignition switch, headlight dimmer switch, coil, fuel, lights, ignition switch, fuel sender, etc.

see the wiring diagram of Ford GPW push pull switch here

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