Puch Korado Moped Electrical Equipment Wiring Diagram

Puch Korado was a moped that designed by Puch and launched in 1995 with modernized and improved engine version. Korado was designed using back-cut internal gearing which create clockwise rotating stator with same internal gear ratio. It was also integrated with larger stock transfer ports and a rollerbearing crank to provide excellent performance. Puch Korade was supported with aluminum cylinder-head with excellent made squish band and four transfer ports with stock boost port to provide superior engine performance. Here is electrical equipment diagram of Puch Korado moped which consists of blinker, engine stop push-button, blinker change over switch, stop switch, blinker breaker, brake light, alternator, ignition limit, AC regulator, headlight, etc.

see electrical equipment diagram of Puch Korado moped here

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