PU-750/A Generator Schematic Diagram with Parts Description and Voltage Explanation

This is PU-750/A motor driven inverter which is able to convert 28V DC from the aircraft power supply to 115V AC single phase or 1115/200 volts AC three-phase. PU-750/A motor generator uses electrical circuitry which will deliver 5000 volt amps of output power with an input of 28 volts DC at 285 amps. Here is the schematic diagram of PU-750/A motor generator which can be very useful during the maintenance process to provide necessary information of the internal circuitry system of this device. PU-750/A generator schematic diagram describes the voltage direction of the control box assembly which is connected to voltage and frequency regulator assembly. PU-750/A generator schematic diagram is also consisting of parts description with voltage capacity information added with reference description written in alphabetical symbols. The main components of this motor generator described in PU-750/A generator schematic diagram are DC input internal boards, AC output connector, terminal board, ground screw, electromechanical section, starting series field, interpole field, motor, shunt field, stators, and field alternator. PU-750/A generator schematic diagram is fixed, any reparation or maintenance on this motor generator internal circuit system should be based on this configuration.

see PU-750/A generator Schematic diagram here

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