Processor Section Schematic of Apple 1 Microcomputer System

Apple 1 is the first microcomputer system produced by Apple with a video terminal and 8k bytes of RAM on a single PC Card. Apple one is based on MOS technology 6502 microprocessor with additional keyboard and monitor very suitable for playing games on running BASIC with a low cost. It is designed with 8k bytes in sixteen chips and replaces the needs of 28amp power supplies. Here is information on processor section schematic of Apple one computer. This schematic diagram is consisting of terminals 6502 microprocessor, RAM, 6820 PIA, jumper, etc. It also has additional notes written on separated parts on the diagram to provide comprehensive guidance during the maintenance process. It is dedicated to prevent electrical system malfunction caused by wrong electrical configuration. It is important to notice that this processor section schematic is fixed any modification on parts positioning is not recommended.

see Processor Section Schematic here

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