Porsche 994 Wiring Diagram of the Fuel and Ignition System

The Porsche 944 is a sports car built by Porsche from 1982 to 1991 using 2-door coupe or convertible body styling. This car comes in optional 2.5L I4, 2.7LI4, and 3.0L I4 engine capacity to provide excellent engine performance during the vehicle application. Here is Porsche 994 wiring diagram of the fuel and ignition system which is presented with image description to provide simple readability configuration. This wiring diagram is dedicated to provide excellent technical data to avoid electrical failure during the ignition system maintenance. Porsche 994 wiring diagram is explaining parts positioning with numeric symbol and additional lay out explanation of the components. Porsche 994 wiring diagram is consisting of fuel lamp, fuel filter, pressure damper, pressure regulator, fuel injectors, throttle bypass valve, airflow sensor, throttle switch, intake air temperature sensor, engine temperature sensor, speed sensor, control unit, starter ring gear, ignition coil, distributor, etc. It is important to notice that parts positioning described in this wiring diagram is fixed, any modification on the configuration may cause electrical problems.

see Porsche 994 Wiring Diagram here

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