Porsche-914 Wiring Diagram of Electrical Relay Board

This wiring diagram is dedicated for Porsche-914 owner to solve electrical relay board problems that may happen to the car. Porsche-914 relay wiring diagram describes the relay board layout with parts number information to provide comprehensive information required during maintenance process. It is also added with color code to easy understanding guidance. In this configuration, the fuel pump is powered by jumpering from another ‘hot section’ on the relay board. Remember that the ignition switch must be turned on for the fuel pump to operate. Porsce-914 wiring diagram is consisting of governor, rear window heater, relay for heater blower, relay for power supply, relay for gasoline pump, regulator plate, and fuses for rear window heater, heater blower and gasoline pump. Thus it is important to notice that the fuel pump and blower motor share the same fuse, and any electrical problem with the blower motor will affect the fuel pump as well.

see Porsche-914 relay wiring diagram here

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