Pontiac Fiero Power Window Switch Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram power window pontiac fiero harness

This is wiring diagram of Pontiac Fiero for power windows electrical system. In this file, you also can view how to install power window. Install all wiring. The power lock relay is attached to a solid part of the car frame, up under the dash on the passenger side and is about 4” X 2” X 2”, silver in color. All wiring going to power locks and power windows should be routed through the rubber connector to the inside of the door. Connect and mount the power window switches to the center console. Run the wiring for the power locks and temporarily install the power lock switches. The only wires needed to connect are the Pink (power windows), Orange w/black stripe (power lock relay), solid Orange (power lock switch), and black (ground). Connect the Orange w/black stripe and the solid Orange to the Orange w/black stripe wire coming from the fuse block (30amp circuit breaker installed); this will supply power to the power lock relay and the power lock switch. Full wiring here.

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