PIC16F84A Schematic Diagram on Electrical Application

This is PIC16F84A fLash/EEPROM 8-bit microcontroller which is manufactured by microchip to create optimal performance on electrical application.This microcontroller chip is able to provide DC-20MHz clock input/DC-200ns instruction cycle operating speed which is very specatular. PIC16F84A is integrated with 68 bytes data RAM and 64 bytes data EEPROM. It has 15 special function hardware register and high-level deep hardware stack to provide optimal reliability on its application. Equipped with direct, indirect and relatives addressing modes with four interrupt sources this device allows wide range of compatibility with superior performance on electrical application. Here is PIC16F84A schematic diagram on electrical application which consists of RBD selector, interrupt button, LCD sensor, test pins, push button enable, external input, sound generator, oscilliator/reset. Power supply, LCD connector, 7-segment display,etc.

see PIC16F84A schematic diagram on electrical application here

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