PIC Weather Station Schematic on Internal Circuit System Configuration

This is PIC based weather station DIY project that uses SHT11 sensor combines with PIC microprocessor to display humidity and temperature level once it is activated. This device is designed from electrical components that work to provide clear temperature measurement information. For those who are trying to do this DIY project we offer data that can be very useful to bring comprehensive guidance during the project. Here is PIC weather station schematic that consists of internal circuitry system of this device such as PIC microprocessor, SHT11 sensor, 8-15v input, 5v voltage supply, capacitors, resistors, 232CPE, VCC, etc. PIC weather station schematic also describes the voltage direction from one component to another during the device operation. It explains components serial number information with voltage capacity required by each of them. This schematic is presented with clear electrical configuration and additional on installation instruction guidance which is very useful. PIC weather station schematic is fixed; any modification on its electrical configuration may lead to system malfunction.

see PIC Weather Station Schematic here

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