Phantom R4i Electric Diagram with Complete Electricity Principle

This one is dedicated for Phantom R4i scooter to create understandable electrical principle configuration of the vehicle. Phantom R4i electric diagram describes complete electricity principle with color code information which is very useful. Phantom R4i is a motorcycle manufactured by Vento with 150cc single cylinder, four stroke, air cooling engine which is able to produce 9.40Hp power output @7600RPM and 8.54Nm max.torque@5100RPM. Phantom R4i electric diagram is consisting of electrical components such as fuel meter, clock brake, switch ignition key, battery, relay, CDI, rectifier, flasher, shoke sensor, ignition coil, spark plug, brake switch, kill switch, turning switch, headlight switch, light switch, horn knob, starter knob, starter motor, magneto, fuel level gauge, alarm system, alarm horn, etc. It is important to do the right installation based on the color code and parts position. Any wrong configuration on Phantom R4i electric diagram may cause electrical problem.

see Phantom R4i complete electricity principle wiring diagram here

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