Personal Computer Block Diagram of the Motherboard System

This is personal computer (PC) block diagram which describes the correlation between the motherboard and other peripherals during the computer operation. Personal computer has been used for decades to support people needs on reliable electronic device for business or education computing application. Here is personal computer block diagram of the motherboard system which can be very useful during computer maintenance or installation process. This block diagram is presented with colored electrical configuration to provide easy readability and comprehensive guidance for the technician or computer DIY project. This personal computer block diagram shows components positioning complete with signal direction from the processor to other components. It consists of processor, video ram, video processor, hi-speed SRAM, DRAM, clock generator, BIOS boot memory firmware, power on reset, math co-processor, monitor, hard disk, floppy disk, SCSI bus, PCI bus, USB bus, etc.

see Personal Computer Block Diagram here

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