Permanent Magnet Motor Schematic on Motorcycle Application

Permanent magnet motor does not have a field winding on the stator frame instead relying on permanent magnets to provide the magnetic field to produce torque. Permanent magnetic motor has been used in motorcycle to provide electric power output with optimal voltage stability which brings excellent riding performance. This is the permanent magnet motor schematic on motorcycle application which describes voltage capacity required during the operation complete with voltage direction. The electrical system on this diagram is powered by 12V battery power source channeled to all components through wires. In this permanent magnet motor schematic there is also information on cables color information that can be very helpful during the motorcycle electrical maintenance process. This permanent magnet motor schematic is consisting of 12v battery, fuses, 72 volt key switch, emergency cut off switch, LEDs, all trax controller, 72 volt to 12 VOLT DC converter, 72 volt coil contactor, main fuse, pre-charge resistors, PM motor, battery pack, etc. It is important to notice that this permanent magnet schematic is fixed any modification on the electrical configuration may lead electrical problems.

see permanent motor schematic here

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