Pentax Z50 Cable Release with Components Connection Explanation

This is Pentax Z50 a 35mm SLR camera which is produced in 1993 and integrated with 25-500 ISO sensitivity level. This camera has 30-1/2000s shutter speeds performance to create excellent photography performance. It is also completed with built-in flash technology for low light condition during photography performance. Here is Pentax Z50 cable release information which is dedicated to provide excellent guidance for the users during the camera operation. This information is presented in simple readability black and white configuration with optimal clarity. Pentax Z50 cable release is consisting of ground shutter focus, camera socket, toggle switch for bulb exposure, momentary on switch for taking an exposure, momentary on switch for using auto focus. It can be seen on the cable configuration that the camera socket should be connected with plug from a pc audio cable. This information can be very useful during the camera maintenance to create excellent guidance and reliable technical data.

see Pentax Z50 Cable Release here

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