Pajero Sport Wiring Diagram of the Transceiver System

Mitsubishi Pajero is a mini SUV produced by Mitsubishi Motors using 5-doors body style and integrated with powerful engine performance for heavy duty driving activity. This vehicle is equipped with 4G94 2.0L I4 engine and ready to provide excellent ability on-road or off-road application. Here we have Pajero Sport wiring diagram of the transceiver system which describes exact components positioning with cable color coding information. This wiring diagram is dedicated to bring excellent technical aid during the vehicle maintenance to prevent electrical configuration failure. Pajero sport wiring diagram is consisting of starter, battery, program override switch, engine ECM, relay output, tachometer, auxiliary output, antenna/ receiver plug, smart tach jumpers, ign2, etc. Pajero sport wiring diagram is dedicated to provide reliable technical data during the vehicle transceiver system maintenance/ reparation. It is also completed with voltage direction information to prevent electrical failure which may cause system malfunction.

see Pajero Sport Wiring Diagram here

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