Oxygen Engine Control Schematics for Heated Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid being analyzed and was developed by Bosch. This device uses planar-style sensor on the exhaust and reference sides which provides faster respond and very useful for automotive applications. Since it is used on automotive applications this device should be carefully maintained thus there should be reliable electric configuration to create excellent performance of this device. Here we have oxygen engine control schematics which can be very useful on automotive applications to create better engine performance. These schematics explain cable color coding and voltage direction during the device performance. It provides necessary information on heated oxygen sensors wit parts positioning description to bring comprehensive guidance during vehicle maintenance or reparation process. Oxygen engine control schematics consist of fuse block underhood, powertrain control modules, heated oxygen sensors, 20A oxygen fuse, etc. Oxygen engine control schematics offer clear description on wires size measurement and the connection of each to avoid electrical failure that potentially causes short circuit problem.

see Oxygen Engine Control Schematics here

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