Opel Manta Wiring Diagram of the Electrical System

This is Opel Manta A real sports coupe vehicle which comes in optional 2-door coupe and 3-door hatch back body style. This vehicle is integrated with 3-speed automatic transmission and 4-speed manual gearbox for optimal acceleration performance. Here is Opel Manta wiring diagram of the electrical system which is presented with black and white configuration. This wiring diagram is describing components positioning and the connection of each component through wires. Opel Manta wiring diagram is completed with cable color coding information in alphabetical symbol to bring reliable technical data. Opel Manta wiring diagram is consisting of voltage stabilizer, instrument cluster, steering column connectors, horn, fuel gauge tank unit, trunk light and switch, headlamp dimmer, rear window, radio, dome light, main light switch, cluster connectors, etc. It also explains voltage direction information from one component to another to provide comprehensive guidance during the maintenance process.

see Opel Manta Wiring Diagram here

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