Nite Shades Lens Cover Tint Translucent Black Paint for Amazing European Styling by VHT

Manufactured by VHT, Nite Shades lens cover tint translucent black paint can is made to create different-interesting look on car exterior. This product brings a transparent black tail light lens coating that is able to create custom European style appearance of the car. This product is suitable to tail lights, fog lights, or turn indicators and can be applied easily without any complicated process. VHT Nite Shades appears black or the surface and then the natural red color appears to create stylish European car look. If you are going to build an elegant car look with simple exterior modification then you should apply this product on your car to shine elegant-VIP look that is very amazing. Available in 6.9 ounces weight VHT Nite Shades is ready to bring new exterior look on your car.

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