Nissan Maxima Wiring Diagram of 4Speaker System Plugs for Non-BOSE Sound System

This is Nissan Maxima the 4 generation wiring diagram of 4 speaker system with excellent explanation on the parts positioning and the connection of them. Nissan Maxima wiring diagram offers components description on the 4 speaker system plugs with cable color coding written in alphabetical symbol. This wiring diagram is dedicated to provide optimal guidance during modification or audio maintenance process and prevent any electrical problem which may occurs. Nissan Maxima wiring diagram is only suitable for the 4th generation of Maxima which was made during 1995-1999 with non-BOSE sound system. This Nissan Maxima wiring diagram is consisting of audio unit lay out, radio/cd lay out, front door speaker LH, rear speaker LH, front door speaker RH, rear speaker RH, output left front speaker, antenna signal, illumination control, light switch, etc. Nissan Maxima wiring diagram provides complete information on 4 speaker system plugs with easy readability image description. It is important to notice that this wiring diagram is only suitable for Nissan Maxima 4th generation with non-BOSE sound system.

see Nissan Maxima Wiring Diagram here

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