Motorola HF850 Wiring Diagram on Vehicle Installation

This is Motorola HF850 Bluetooth which commonly used on vehicle installation to provide easy communication performance. It also functions as user interface module on GPS system application and very useful during travelling activity. This device ahs Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology and duplex cancellation noise reduction technology to create smooth and clear sound production. Here we have Motorola HF850 wiring diagram on vehicle installation which can be very useful to provide excellent guidance during the Bluetooth installation process. This wiring diagram is presented with clear cable description and parts connection explanation to bring simple readability for the technician. Motorola HF850 wiring diagram is dedicated to avoid electrical malfunction caused by wrong cable configuration or parts positioning. Motorola HF850 wiring diagram is consisting of speaker, junction box, microphone, user interface module, wire crimps: green to green, black to black, red to red, fuse kit, vehicle radio, aux switches, etc. It is important to notice that black wire should be connected to vehicle chassis, green wire to fuse box, red wire to a point in fuse box that is always active 4-5 amp fuse. The orange wire should be connected to lighting terminal switch, the yellow wire to terminal always supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position. The electrical configuration of in this wiring diagram is fixed any modification on parts positioning or wires connection may lead to electrical problems.

see Motorola HF850 Wiring Diagram here

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