Model LA Tractor Wiring Diagram on Lighting and Starting System

Designed by John Deere in 1940s, this model LA tractor was very demanded in the market for its compact size supported by high engine performance. Model LA tractor was equipped with 77 CID engine with 14 belt horsepower and completed with 3-speed transmission. Here is Model LA tractor wiring diagram which explains the lighting and starting equipment system of the vehicle. Model LA tractor wiring diagram has complete explanation on parts positioning and numbering to provide required information during the maintenance. It also has additional information on parts description with serial numbers information in separated column. Model LA tractor wiring diagram is consisting of generator, dash, ammeter, fuse, resistor terminal, light switch, battery, manual switch, wire connectors, starter, wiring harness, etc. This model LA tractor wiring diagram also explains the voltage directions from the battery to all components on the vehicle’s lighting and starting system.

see Model LA tractor wiring diagram here

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