MK II Schematic Diagram Countless Preamp Permutations DIY Project

MK II Minimal Kit is dedicated to create DIY countless preamp permutations that allow the users to turn these devices into a stellar sounding preamp with unprecedented amount of ease and adaptability. MK II minimal kit includes only the proprietary components that are available only in EISEN Audio. Here is MK II schematic diagram that consists of connectors, signal input, polarity direction, chassis, signal output, voltage capacity, phantom, LEDs, fuse, alternator, etc. MK II schematic diagram also provides color code information and separated column information for default values shown in the circuit diagram. MK II schematic diagram explains the connection of each component on the PCB to provide guidance on MKII minimal kit installation process. It is important to notice that this project is only for experienced maintainer or electrician and the configuration during the installation should be based on this diagram to prevent malfunction of the device.

see MKII countless preamp permutations schematic diagram here

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