Mikuni SuperBN Manual of the Components Placement

This is Super BN carburetor which is manufactured by Mikuni and designed for high performance on watercraft application. This carburetor is well designed with high quality materials and superior precision during the manufacturing process to provide exceptional performance. Here we have Mikuni SuperBN manual which explains the components positioning and placement which can be very useful for the carburetor maintenance. It is provided with components identification and serial number to bring reliable technical data during the reparation. Mikuni SuperBN manual also describes comprehensive image description to make optimal guidance during parts replacement. This manual is consisting of cover, pump, pump body assembly, idle stop screw, washer, spring, cap, adjuster, needle valve assembly, plate, screw, jet, screw with washer, etc. It is important to notice that this manual is dedicated for BN38 & later BN44, not for other Mikuni carburetor variants.

see Mikuni SuperBN Manual here

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