Midi Melodeon Schematic Diagram Keyboard Encoder

This is Midi Melodeon schematic diagram which shows completed keyboard encoder description. Midi Melodeon is designed based on a two row diatonic keyboard with 10+11 keys for the right hand and 8 keys for the left hand. Midi Melodeon schematic diagram is consisting of midi channel select, melodeon push/pull switch, resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, LED, IC 1,diodes etc. The transmit midi channel can be selected by a 4-way DIP switch. Midi Melodeon 32-note polyphonic keyboard encoder’s encoded switches are wired via in4148 diodes. Midi Melodeon schematic diagram is also consisting of 9V battery connector, a Midi 5-pin DIN output socket, a screw terminal connector for an external 9-12v DC supply and associated power-on LED with three 8-way screw terminal connectors for connecting the external switches.

see midi melodeon keyboard encoder schematic diagram here

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