Microstar 7024 Schematic Diagram of Data-Signal Direction on IBM Application

Microstar International is a famous brand that produces electronic and computer equipments with excellent quality to provide high performance electrical system. Microstar 7024 is original equipment manufacturer computer board or mother board which is also designed by microstar (MSI) with 240 pins connectors and double data rate (DDR) memory. MSI 7024 is compatible to Hewlett Packard or IBM PC with simple downloadable driver to provide easy installation process. Here is Microstar 7024 schematic diagram on IBM wellfleet installation which describes the components connection complete with signal direction. The schematic diagram shows components positioning with serial parts number to bring comprehensive guidance on maintenance process. Microstar 7024 schematic diagram is consisting of Intel Mpag 478B processor which send signal to Intel 865G/GV Springdale and then channeled to analog video out and 2 DDR DIMM modules. ICH5 socket receives HTC link from Springlade 865 GV, and process the signal before channeling to others components such as FWH 4M flash, Giga LAN 10/100 LAN, AC’97 Codec, etc. This configuration is fixed any modification on the parts positioning or connection may cause electric malfunction.

see Microstar 7024 mainboard schematic diagram here

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