Metalzone MT-2 Schematic Diagram

Manufactured by BOSS, Metalzone MT2 is well known as high performance guitar pedal with dual-gain circuitry for thick and stack distortion to produce heavy mids and low or long lasting sustain. BOSS Metalzone MT2 is powered by 9V battery or PSA-Series AC Adaptor power supply with equivalent input noise level of -100dBu or less. Metalzone MT2 schematic diagram is consisting of internal components of the device. This Metalzone MT2 schematic diagram describes the internal components of the device such as 9V battery, jack input connector, jack output connector, AC adaptor inputmid frequency, low frequency, LED board VR board, low-high distortion level, etc. Metalzone MT-2 schematic diagram also describes the voltage capacity of the internal circuitry that can be useful for the technician during maintenance process.

see Metalzone MT2 guitar pedal schematic diagram here

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