Mesa MarkIIB Schematic of the Internal Electrical System

This is Mesa Mark IIB guitar amplifier which designed by Mesa and is credited as the first guitar amplifier with a tube-buffered effects loop which was placed between two critical gain stages, and tended to overdrive some instrument level effects. The Mark IIB’s front control panel is identical to that of the IIA. The two input jacks on the front panel are marked input and foot switch and the rear control panel was altered to accommodate the FX Send and Return jacks. Here we have Mesa MarkIIB schematic which describes the internal electrical components of the device. It also explains the voltage capacity required by each component complete with voltage direction information to provide comprehensive guidance during the device maintenance or reparation process. Mesa MarkIIB schematic is consisting of relay, effects, master1, input, gain booster, reverb, choke, power switch, AC generator, EQ ft switch, etc. It is important to notice that this electrical configuration is only suitable for Mesa MarkII guitar amplifier.

see Mesa Mark IIB Schematic Diagram here

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