MC 840 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Circuit System

This is MC 840 a compact large gold vaporized double diaphragm studio microphone with 5 selectable polar patterns. The MC 840 is a superior microphone for any recording application. It has been designed without compromise to capture every sound detail with absolute clarity and purity. Here is MC 840 wiring diagram which is dedicated to provide excellent guidance during the device maintenance and reliable technical data. MC 840 wiring diagram describes voltage direction form one part to another to avoid electrical failure caused by wrong cable connection. It consists of DC-DC converter, S1 damping, condenser microphone, S2 low cut, etc. MC 840 wiring diagram is presented with clear configuration and exact components connection description. It is important to notice that this wiring diagram is fixed, any modification on the circuit configuration is not recommended.

see MC 840 Wiring Diagram here

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