Maico 250 Wiring Diagram of the Magneto System

This is Maico MD 250 trail motorcycle which is designed for off-road terrain with excellent engine performance. This motorcycle is equipped with 245cc, single cylinder, two-stroke engine to produce 27hp@7000 RPM and 149 km/h top speed performance. Here we have Maico 250 wiring diagram which consists of the internal components on the motorcycle’s magneto system. This wiring diagram is easy readability configuration, added with parts identification written in alphabetical symbols.Maico 250 wiring diagram is also completed with cable color coding information to provide reliable technical data during the magneto system maintenance. Supported with signal direction information this wiring diagram prevents electrical failure which might lead to system malfunction. Maico 250 wiring diagram is consisting of flasher unit, turn signal switch, flashing indicator lamps, spark plug, ignition coil, rectifier, magneto, headlamp, horn, stop lamp switch, horn and dip switch, brake light, and tail light. It is important to notice that Maico 250 wiring diagram is only suitable for Enduro models not for other variants.

see Maico 250 Wiring Diagram here

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