Magdynamo Wiring Diagram on Motorcycle Application

This is Magdynamo wiring diagram which consist of explanation on Magdynamo application in motorcycle. Magdynamo has two different versions the first is Lucas and the second is Bosch. Magdynamo delivers 14.4 DC standard voltage with shaft taper of 1:5 for most types. Magdynamo wiring diagram describes the installation guide of this device on motorcycle with complete cable color information. This wiring diagram shows that all components are powered by battery which is connected through wires. Magdynamo wiring diagram is consisting of battery, spark plugs, ignition advance control box, oil pressure switch, amp meter, brake light switch, fuses, light switch, kill switch handle bar mounted, headlite, park light, speedo light, tach light, etc. There is also additional notification that can be very useful during the installation process of this device. It is important for the technician to use 2 fuses to protect battery and magdynamo for electrical problems.

see magdynamo wiring diagram on motorcycle application here

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