Macintosh IIci Circuit Diagram of Computer Startup Circuit System

This is Macintosh IIci computer unit which is manufactured by Apple with 16MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU to provide excellent performance on its application. Macintosh IIci is equipped with 32-bit clean ROM and 4MiB memory which is expandable to 128Mib. This computer unit is supported with 6.0.4 system 7.1.1 operating system to provide superior computing experience. Here we have information that can be useful during Macintosh IIci maintenance process to avoid electrical problems caused by wrong configuration. This is Macintosh IIci circuit diagram which describes the startup circuit system of this computer. Macintosh IIci circuit diagram provides clear description of the signal direction and voltage capacity on each component. This circuit diagram also provides parts positioning and the connection of each component to avoid wrong connection on the circuit system. Macintosh IIci circuit diagram is consisting of keyboard, keyboard power switch, UK14 clock and pram, SD diodes, transistor, resistors, AD B connectors, PS connector, rear panel switch, and etc. It is important to notice that all capacitors are in microfarads and bypass capacitors are omitted on this diagram.

see Macintosh IIci circuit diagram here

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