M113 Fully Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier Schematic Diagram

The M113 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier that has been used by U.S. Army from 1962. This armored carrier was manufactured by FMC corporation and specially designed for battle application, thus it was constructed in 10.5 ton 5083 aircraft-quality aluminum alloy to provide excellent durability and structural thickness. M113 was equipped with 6V53 Detroit 2-stroke six cylinder diesel with Allison tx100-1 3 speed automatic transmission to provide reliability application. Complete4d with 12.7mm M2 MG main armament and 200×12.7mm ammunition this carrier is ideal for heavy duty battlefieald application. Here is M113 fully tracked armored personnel carrier schematic diagram which consists of smoke grenade launcher, stop light switch, arming firing unit, regulator, beam selector switch, main light switch, top air box heater, instrument panel lights, engine coolant temperature gauge, start switch, airbox heater switch, fuel quantity gauge, front bilge pump, etc.

see M113 fully tracked armored personnel carrier schematic diagram here

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