Lotus Europa Wiring Diagram of the Vehicle Electrical System

This is Lotus Europa a classic automobile which is equipped with 1558cc in-line 4cylinders to generate 106PS@5750 tr/minute power output and 141Nm@4500tr/minute torque performance. This sport car is integrated with 4-speed manual gear transmission for optimal acceleration performance. Here is Lotus Europe wiring diagram of the electrical system and presented in colorized configuration for simple readability during the maintenance. This wiring diagram is also completed with cable color coding information written on separated box to provide reliable technical data. Lotus Europa wiring diagram also describes signal direction information showing by arrow to prevent electrical configuration failure. Lotus Europa wiring diagram is consisting of battery, starter motor, start relay, logic box, hand brake micro switch, cold start coil, pressure differential, alternator, ignition switch, hazard flasher, relay, water temp gauge, temperature sensor, engine cooling fan, connector, steering column switch, etc. It is important to notice that this wiring diagram is fixed any modification on the electrical configuration may cause electrical system malfunction.

see Lotus Europa Wiring Diagram here

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