Liliput EBY 701 7” Car Monitor Wiring Diagram

This is Liliput EBY 701 7” VGA touchscreen with backup camera that is dedicated to create optimal performance on vehicle monitoring system. Manufactured by LIliput, this device is completed with touch screen control with 7” TFT LCD display screen that brings simple application and easy interference. EBY 701 is completed with 1 audio and 2 video input with built in speaker to provide excellent audio-video performance that can be enjoyed during driving activity. This product allows easy application with remote control technology and added with 12V car power adapter to provide optimal compatibility for any vehicle types. Here is Liliput EBY 701 7” car monitor wiring diagram which consists of ignition, 7” TFT screen, 40GB Hdd, GPS mouse, glowing keyboard, DVD rom, contacter, relays, power suppy ATX, switch, sub-woofer, sound input, amplifier, remote, etc.

see Liliput EBY 701 7” car monitor wiring diagram here

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