LG B 2050 Schematic Diagram/ PCB Layout

This is LG B 2050 that is made with slim-stylish chrome candy-bar design to create attractiveness on its application. This tri-band mobile phone is equipped with CSTN LCD 128 x 128 pixels, 65,536 colors display and supported with RS232 data kit that allows computer connection for data transfer. Integrated with GPRS class 10 and WAP 2.0, this cell phone is ready to create optimal performance with faster internet access that is admirable. Here is the LG B 2050 Schematic Diagram, circuit diagram, pcb layout that consists of Hermes 6527 ,Typhoon 6537B, audio/midi, memory, MMI, I/O, LCD connector, LCD backlight, bottom side PCB layout, top side PCB layout.

you can see the schematic diagram of LG B2050 here

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