Lexus LX470 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

The Lexus LX is a full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) sold by Lexus since 1996. The second generation LX 470 debuted in 1998. The second generation model shared the same floor plan and most body panels with the Toyota Land Cruiser (100 series), and differed in its front appearance and a more luxurious interior. The LX 470 was powered by a LEV-certified 4.7-liter V8 engine, which was later upgraded to produce 268 horsepower. Here we have Lexus LX470 wiring diagram of the internal electrical system of this vehicle. It has complete description on components positioning with signal direction form one component to another. Lexus LX470 wiring diagram is consisting of ignition switch, fuses, fusible link, fusible link block, battery, battery ground, generator, engine room, headlights electronic suspension systems, engine room, relay, combination meter, charge warning light, etc. Completed with cable color coding information, this wiring diagram provides reliable information for Lexus LX470 electrical system maintenance.

see Lexus LX470 Wiring Diagram here

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