Leslie 22H Schematic Diagram with Circuitry Components Voltage Direction Information

Leslie 22H is a vintage speaker which is designed using wood exterior case and light walnut finish. Leslie 22h has 15” bass speaker, 16ohm Jensen V-21 treble driver with permanent magnet to provide excellent audio production. This vintage speaker is also equipped with red labeled 40w 22H amplifier with daisy chain sockets design where a second speaker can be attached. It is quite difficult to find reliable information on the electrical system circuitry of this speaker that can be helpful during the maintenance process. Here we have Leslie 22H vintage speaker schematic diagram which describes internal circuitry components of this speaker. Leslie 22H schematic diagram has clear components positioning with clear voltage requirement on each component. Leslie 22H schematic diagram is consisting of extra speaker socket, speaker socket, console plug, ½ watt resistors, tube rectifiers, brake, solid state rectifier,475 VDC filter condenser, 12AU7 pinout, etc. Leslie 22h schematic diagram is very useful as comprehensive guidance for the technician during maintenance or reparation process because it is completed with voltage direction from on e component to another. There is also important notification written in red which should be carefully understood during speaker maintenance to avoid short circuitry problems.

see Leslie 22H schematic diagram here

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