Kawasaki KZ200 Cable Scheme of the Internal Electrical System

The 1978 Kawasaki KZ200 is a motorcycle designed by Kawasaki with 200cc placement and dedicated to create optimal riding performance. This motorcycle comes in standard chassis design with oil-cooled engine and manual gear transmission for optimal acceleration performance. Here is Kawasaki KZ200 cable scheme which is presented in black and white configuration and completed with components image description. This cable scheme is dedicated to provide excellent guidance during the motorcycle electrical system maintenance and also provided with cable color coding information written on separated box. Kawasaki KZ200 cable scheme is consisting of regulator, battery, AC generator, starter relay, starter motor, spark plugs, contact breaker, engine brake light switch, ignition switch, condenser, neutral switch, etc. Kawasaki KZ200 cable scheme also explains signal direction showing by arrow from battery power source to all components connected through wires. Please pay attention on cable connection and components positioning to avoid electrical configuration failure.

see Kawasaki KZ200 Cable Scheme here

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