Kawasaki KH400 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

This is 1979 Kawasaki KH400 classic motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki using cruiser body style and equipped with 400cc air-cooled, two stroke transverse three cylinder engine. This motorcycle is able to produce 38hp@700rpm max.power output and 3.9 kg-m @6500rpm torque performance. Supported with 3x Mikuni 26mm carburetors induction system this motorcycle is ready to bring exceptional riding performance. Here we have Kawasaki KH400 wiring diagram which describes the internal electrical system of this motorcycle and presented with colorized electrical configuration to bring simple readability during the motorcycle maintenance. Kawasaki KH400 wiring diagram shows the voltage direction from 12V battery power source to all components through wires. It consists of A.C. generator, regulator, battery, dimmer switch, neutral indicator switch, rectifier, ignition switch, engine stop switch, CDI unit, ignition switch, spark plugs, front brake light switch, headlight, speedometer light, etc. Kawasaki KH400 wiring diagram is also completed with ignition switch connections on separated column to provide comprehensive guidance during the maintenance and prevent electrical configuration failure.

see Kawasaki KH400 Wiring Diagram here

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