Jinma Tractors Wiring Diagram for 6V Powered Electrical System Tractors

This wiring diagram shows the electrical system of Jinma tractors with complete explanation of the components positioning and description. Jinma tractors wiring diagram is very useful during maintenance process or for reparation of the vehicle electrical system to prevent wrong cable connection and electrical malfunction. Jinma tractors wiring diagram is only for the 6V electrical system tractors produced by SGM to bring comprehensive guidance during the maintenance. This wiring diagram consists of 6V battery, electric horn, front head lamp, double plug socket, silicon rectifying alternator, fuse box BX 505, one-position switch, turning signal light, one plug socket, rear work light, ammeter 307A, horn relay, horn button, two-position switch, oil pressure gauge, regulator, thermal flasher, etc. Jinma tractors wiring diagram has the easy readability information on parts numbering and positioning of each component.

see Jinma tractors wiring diagram here

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