IQ –VFO Control Board Schematic of the Internal Electric System

IQ-VFO is an electronic device that has been used on many electronic projects related with computer and radio programming. IQ-VFO has optical encoder for frequency selection and still uses LCD for displaying the frequency. This device operates as two VFO’s with two frequencies and uses two PIC microcontrollers one for optical encoder and the other controlling the LCD, pushbuttons and the LEDs. Here we have IQ –VFO control board schematic which describes the electrical components of this device and the connection of them. This schematic is very useful during the IQ-VFO installation to bring comprehensive guidance to avoid electrical configuration failure. It is consisting of encoder, LEDs, pushbuttons, LCD, band select relay, v3 driver, v2 interface, etc. IQ-VFO schematic explains the voltage capacity required by each component and the voltage direction information during the device operation. This schematic is presented with clear configuration and exact component positioning description which can be very useful during the device installation process. It is important to notice that IQ-VFO schematic described here is fixed, any modification on parts positioning may lead to electrical system malfunction.

see IQ –VFO Control Board Schematic here

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