Intel 8088 Schematic Diagram Single Board Microcomputer Unit

Intel 8088 is a microprocessor that is manufactured by Intel and integrated with 8-bit external data bus. Intel 8088 microprocessor is designed for economical computer system which is able to bring 5MHz to 10 MHz maximum GPU clock rate. Intel 8088 schematic diagram is consisting of 8284 clock generator, 8088 microprocessor, 244 buffer, 8288 latch, 8286 transceiver, 8288 bus generator, 138 decode, 8k x 8 EPROM, 8K x 8 RAM, 138 Decode, 8255 port, 8251 USART, etc. Intel 8088 schematic diagram describes each part names with number code that can be understood easily. This Intel 8088 schematic diagram shows the CPU module and memory module components layout which can be very useful on repair or maintenance process.

see Intel 8088 microprocessor schematic diagram here

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