IBM 602-A Wiring Diagram Electromechanical Calculating Punch Control Panel System

IBM 602-A calculating punch is an electromechanical device that provides optimal performance on multiplication and division on data read from its built-in card reader with 100 cards per minute speed. Here is IBM 602-A wiring diagram which consists of parts description on IBM 602-A calculating punch with parts connection showing with lines. IBM 602-A wiring diagram is consisting of co selectors, storage transfer unit, zero check control, counter entry, divisor multiplier, storage entry, counter exit, punch emitter, punch box, storage control unit, counter control unit, pilot selector unit, etc. IBM 602-A wiring diagram describes control panel system of this device, but it is important to notice that this control panel diagram is different with the IBM 602. Thus you should be careful to distinguish between the IBM 602-A with IBM 602 before doing the project.

see IBM 602-A electromechanical calculating punch wiring diagram here

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