Hydraulic Circuit Diagram of Nissan Silvia S 13 Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS)

This is Nissan Silvia S13 that has been produced since 1984-1994 by Nissan and massively used by customers because of its compatibility with after market parts to create greater engine performance. This car comes with 2-doors coupe/convertible and 3 doors hatchback design. Nissan Silvia S13 comes in 2 different transmission systems the first is 4-speed automatic and the second is 5-speed manual with 1.8-2.4 engine capacity. There are 3 versions of S13 The J series, Q series and K series, the K series is completed with turbo charger, projector headlamps, rear spoiler, while Q series is completed with Automatic Climate Control. Here is hydraulic circuit diagram of Nissan S13 180sx/200sx Anti-Brake Lock System that consists of D.C Motor, brake booster, pump, accumulator, master cylinder, proportioning valve, and caliper.

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