Honda VF1000F Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

Honda VF1000F is a sport bike manufactured by Honda Motor Company in 1984 with 998cc liquid cooled, four stroke V-four cylinder engine. This motorcycle is also called as Honda Interceptor and able to generate 116hp@10000rpm power output with torque performance of 8.8kg-m @8000rpm. Here is Honda VF1000F wiring diagram of the internal electrical system of the motorcycle. This wiring diagram is presented in black and white configuration and supported with cable connections from one component to another. Honda VF1000F wiring diagram also describes cable color coding information written in alphabetical symbols to provide reliable technical data and to avoid electrical configuration failure. Honda VF1000F wiring diagram consists of high beam indicator, neutral indicator, ignition switch, oil pressure light, tachometer, fuel meter, meter light, headlight, fan motor, thermo switch, thermo unit , starter magnetic motor, regulator, alternator, spark unit, spark plug, ignition coil, engine stop, pulse generator, fuel cut relay, fuel pump, fuel unit, turn signal relay, etc. It is important to notice that this wiring diagram is only suitable for Honda VF1000F and not for other Honda motorcycle variants.

see Honda VF1000F Wiring Diagram here

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