Honda Civic 2001-2003 Wiring Diagrams System Series

Honda civic is one of best economy sedan, didn’t it? For DIY electrical improvement and repairing, here, you can get almost complete wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams for your Honda civic 2001. The wiring diagram include here are: power distribution circuit, ground distribution circuit, anti-theft circuit, body computer circuit, computer data lines.

wiring diagrams honda civic 2001 2003

The wiring diagrams itself explain the sensor engine, fuel injectors, and actuators. The wiring diagram can be applied in Honda civic 2001-2003 except civic GX and HX 1.7L. Look closer civic 2001-2003 wiring diagram.pdf here.

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  1. William Estuardo says:

    hi Will Robinson i need this information please send your informaciont about honda civic tnks for all

  2. we have a 2003 honda civic having electrical problems, replaced the battery, now we are told we need an alternator, and that the engine wiring harness is corroded and can be fixed but should be replaced. we want to get it fixed properly is the engine wiring harness complicated to replace?

  3. ted sarmiento says:

    i have 2002 honda civic and i’m having problem with the 3 button switch panel for the aircondition, rear window defoger and the air vent. do you have a wiring diagram for this panel switch. thanks for everything.

  4. steven prasad says:

    hi there i have an 03 civic and i’m having gauge problems daily and was wondering if u could help me…please msg back thanks

  5. Joe frase says:

    Hi I have a 2003 civic and all my signal lights quite working suddenly and the hazards still work but the switch won’t latch. Do you have any info on this?
    Thanks Joe

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