Honda CBR 900F Hornet Ignition System Schematic Diagram

This is schematic diagram of Honda CBR 900F Hornet ignition system. Honda CBR 900F Hornet is produced by Honda Japan and powered by 919cc engine capacity that is able to produce 92Nm torque @6500RPM with 217 KM/H top speed. This bike is completed with 6-speed gearbox and liquid cooling system, the 1st generation of CBR900F hornet was produced in 1979 and the latest version in 2009. Here is schematic wiring diagram of Honda CBR 900F Hornet Ignition System. This Ignition System consists of ignition coil, bank angle sensor, engine stop relay, main fuse 30A, side stand switch, neutral switch, main switch, engine stop switch, crank pulse generator, spark plug, cam pulse generator, engine control module (ECM), PGM-FI fuse 20A, throttle position sensor, and clutch switch.
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