Honda ATC125 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

This is Honda ATC 125 a small ATV manufactured by Honda and equipped with 124cc, single cylinder four stroke engine. This motorcycle has electric starter and four-speed transmission for excellent acceleration during the operation. Here we have Honda ATC125 wiring diagram which consist of internal electrical system positioning and the components connections. Honda ATC125 wiring diagram is also describing the cable colors coding information to provide reliable technical data and comprehensive guidance during the maintenance. It is consisting of neutral indicator light, headlight, lighting switch, ignition switch, spark plug, ignition coil, generator, alternator, neutral switch, engine start switch, engine stop switch, capacitor discharge ignition unit, regulator, starter relay, starter motor, battery etc. All the components on Honda ATC125 wiring diagram are powered by battery connected through wires. This wiring diagram also describes voltage direction from one component to another to avoid electrical system failure.

see Honda ATC125 Wiring Diagram here

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