Hohner G3T Wiring Diagram Headless Electric Guitar

G3T is a headless electric guitar with genuine Steinberger licensed bridge and manufactured by Hohner for any musical use. This electric guitar is well constructed from solid American maple body and rosewood fingerboard to provide durability for long term application. Here is Hohner G3T wiring diagram which shows the internal parts of this guitar completed with color coding information that is very useful for the technician during maintenance process. Hohner G3T wiring diagram explains the components positioning and the voltage requirement on each component. This wiring diagram has important information on wiring color coding which is divided into two the first is for the pickups and the second is for Hohner VBS-1. Hohner G2T wiring diagram is consisting of P1 Hohner select, P2 Hohner select, P3 Hohner select, pickups color scode, Hohner VBS-1 colors code,tone, volume, on/on toggleswitch, Hohner VBS-1. You should pay attention on the color coding information because any wrong wires connection may caused electrical problem on the device.

see Hohner G3T headless electric guitar wiring diagram here

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