Hella Supertone Wiring Diagram of the Internal Circuit System

This is Hella Supertone horn kit which is designed for vehicle application to provide optimal performance and bring safety during driving experience. This device has 12v frequency voltage capacity requirements with 300Hz for low tone and 500Hz high tone. This device can be easily installed on vehicle with its flat plug body housing without complicated modification process. It comes in rugged black body with red protective grille mounting and bracket for screw-mounting and can be simply connected to vehicle body. Here we have Hella supertone wiring diagram which explains internal electrical configuration and circuitry system of this device. It is dedicated to provide excellent technical aid during the vehicle reparation. Hella supertone wiring diagram is presented with comprehensive electrical configuration and voltage capacity required by each component. It consists of battery, relay, wire splice, Hella supertone horns, etc. It also describes the chronological electrical process once the device is activated to make excellent maintenance guidance. For the technician, it is important to notice that this configuration is fixed any modification may cause electrical malfunction.

see Hella Supertone Wiring Diagram here

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