Heavy Duty Sintered Front-Rear Brake Pads for Yamaha YXR 660 Optimal Braking Systems by BLS

Braking system is one of the important things that should be maintained carefully to prevent accident that is dangerous during driving/riding activity. These brake pads are designed to bring optimal performance braking system to provide comfortable riding experience with superior functionality to prevent any accident. Dedicated to 2004-2007 Yamaha YXR Rhino these front-rear sintered brake pads are able to create optimal brake system performance with maximum precision and accuracy thus it can be directly installed to Yamaha YXR 660 without any complicated process. Manufactured by BLS, these sintered brake pads provide long lasting performance and able to handle heating caused by heavy breaking rather that other products in the market. These pads are made out from low melting points metal powder which is fully pressed at high temperature thus it is also suitable for mud, farm use, even in wet weather.

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